Video Surveillance

Surveillance cameras have been installed on buildings, in ceilings, and on walls for years. They’re in nearly every place we go including public gathering spaces. New security camera technology allows the surveillance solution to be highly intelligent. Knowing how that intelligence can benefit our client is a critical component to designing and deploying a high-performance video surveillance solution.

Today’s smart cameras capture not only the visible images they see but also use algorithms to store related data that allows the smart software to understand when specific unauthorized behaviors or expected authorized behaviors occur. This information is used to alert security staff to view the cameras related to that incident. This is particularly important in today’s security environment where many more cameras are installed than security teams can actively monitor.

Aside from being smart, modern IP security cameras are also capable of delivering high definition images that result in better identification of criminals. They also help other departments by providing operational intelligence. For example, facility departments may use high-resolution cameras to identify the parts of a campus that need to be plowed or salted in the winter. Management teams may use the cameras to improve worker efficiency while improving safety.

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