Turnstiles – Secured Entry Systems

Visitors and employees often encounter turnstiles when entering a building. These turnstiles are integrated into the access control system of the building, creating a unified entry control solution.

Using a turnstile, or multiple turnstiles side by side in large lobby entrances adds an additional level of security. Unauthorized people are prevented from entering an area, while authorized people are provided quick entry as the turnstile doors or revolving bars give way. Security staff typically monitor the turnstiles in the lobby to address entry problems or verify visitor identity.

There are a variety of turnstile types, ranging from full height metal turnstiles to sleek, modern turnstiles with glass doors. The ideal turnstile solution design is a cooperative effort, often involving the building owner’s representatives, interior designers, the security installation partner, electrical or facilities representatives, and the security department. Careful coordination will maintain smooth operation while deterring unauthorized access.

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