Welcome Enterprise Customers

The Netronix Enterprise Team was created to address the needs of those strategic customers that are interested in forming partnerships based on mutual benefit and collaboration. Netronix prides itself on identifying and cultivating those customers that place a premium on having a preferred integrator relationship that results in easy access to innovation, new technology ideas and superior service. The key element of the Enterprise Team is one of reciprocity with our Enterprise clients. A relationship based on mutual respect, dependency and transparency creating a shared positive experience and outcome for both client and Netronix. Request a Consultation with our Enterprise Team.


Our Mission

The Netronix Enterprise team was created to address the needs of our clients that are ready to form a partnership based on mutual benefit and collaboration.



The value of this philosophy is to provide transparency between our organizations and develop a roadmap that can lead to our clients best return on investment.



We work with organizations to develop technology plans and cultivate the security program. We look to work with our client to set a benchmark and exceed the standard.

Global Support Solutions

We have an account management first approach with sales being the by-product. Our team is focused to assist our clients in achieving their goals and help them represent their companies in the best way possible. In doing so we are focused on the success of the customer by reducing the focus and sometimes innate, negative connotations of selling.

It is our belief that this partnership and mutually collaborative approach is paramount to the business partnership between Netronix and our clients. Ultimately resulting in a positive experience for both parties and positive long-term financial growth.

  • Program Metric and KPI Strategy
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Security Planning Roadmap
  • Develop SLA Service Model
  • Consulting and Design Services
  • Program Health Dashboard
  • Installation Standards Development
  • Global Project Manager Support
  • Design Standards Development

The Global Strategic Alliance Team


Mark Sakamoto

Director of Business


Casey Finegan

Enterprise Business


Mark Guzan

Enterprise Business