Disruptive Security Technologies Part 2 – Biometric Access Control

Increasingly more organizations are adopting biometric credentialing into their access control systems. Biometric access control enables an individual’s unique biometric attributes – be it face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein, etc. – to serve as their access credential. Unlike physical access control systems that require either metal keys, badge readers, PIN codes or proximity cards, biometric access credentials can’t be compromised, lost, copied, or stolen because they are unique to the individual authorized user.

The benefits of biometric access are being recognized like never before. For organizations and their administrators who manage credentialing, biometric access means they no longer need to keep inventory of physical credentials, or issue and/or revoke them as needed, saving not only time but money replacing physical cards. Biometric credentials are simply entered into the database and added or removed as needed. For users, biometric credentials offer unrivaled convenience and quick, unhampered access. They no longer need to fumble for their keys or access cards, or worry about forgetting or losing them.

The convenience factor has been a huge driver in the increased adoption of biometric access. The caveat is that while also delivering an easier and more convenient means of access, biometrics deliver a higher level of security. For even additional security, some enterprises are adopting biometrics as part of a two-factor method of authentication, requiring, for example, that the biometric credential match with a physical access credential. Traditionally, a two-factor method of authentication typically required a prox card and a PIN. Either can be easily stolen, but not so with a biometric identifier.

Together with our technology partners, we at Netronix can provide an innovative facial authentication solution that leverages artificial intelligence, analytics, and unique power of the face to make safer spaces possible.

With 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks, it can authenticate users in real-time for the smoothest experience possible. For secure, multi-factor authentication, our facial recognition solution can be paired with any third-party badge reader for a 2F or 3F security solution in more restricted areas. A long scanning range and field of view allows our biometric access solution to detect and prevent tailgating. This also translates into cost savings, as this auto-tagging capability sends alerts to administrators and/or security teams, eliminating the need for specialized guards or other hardware. And, enrolling users is quick and easy. Our biometric solution can support any organization’s needs whether you are upgrading an existing access control authentication or implementing a new one.

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