Disruptive Security Technologies Part 1 – Touchless Identity

The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for much more widespread adoption of touchless technologies. The pressing need to eliminate the spread of germs and comply with newly levied health and safety regulations caused many enterprises to install access control hardware and software that eliminates touchpoints. And because these touchless solutions vastly improve safety and compliance without compromising security, they are undoubtedly here to stay.

The benefits that touchless access provides to end users extend well beyond health and safety. Together with our technology partners, Netronix is delivering a contactless solution that does away with the vulnerabilities of legacy access control cards. Mobile credentialing capabilities allow authorized users hands-free access.

Mobile Access is the modern, secure way to give employees, tenants and visitors uninterrupted access, wherever they need it. Our solution also supports users’ existing legacy credentials and works seamlessly with their existing system, allowing them to migrate to touchless access affordably and without disruption. Users can extend and repurpose their legacy readers for touchless access while continuing to support all existing card types. Those tasked with administering and managing credentials love the convenience our solutions provide them, allowing them to manage identity systems and people from one centralized portal right from their Web browser or mobile device. Managing access is incredibly simple regardless of the number of buildings or users. Solutions scale from a single door to multi-tenant buildings across multiple locations and can be monitored remotely from one intuitive platform. Organizations of all kinds are reaping the benefits.

Enterprises such as corporate offices, for example, can easily upgrade their existing access points for touchless access within minutes to encompass their office spaces, visitor check-in desks, meeting rooms, turnstiles, elevators, and even their parking garages.

Commercial Real Estate organizations can enhance their tenants’ access experiences with touchless solutions from the lobby on up. Our access solutions also enable property management teams to simplify their cross-tenant access management, secure their facilities and improve building use efficiencies.

Security teams in the Education sector can give students and faculty an intuitive, touchless access experience or campus building access, cafeterias, secure printing, student amenities, and much more. Our solutions are modernizing the access experience for students by offering a touchless identity solution for accessing dorms, labs, and making secure cash vending payments for printing, food services and other campus amenities.

Government entities using our touchless access solutions can provide federal employees and contractors with fast, frictionless access to secured areas and resources. Card issuance and management is simplified with secure OTA credentials, eliminating lost card vulnerabilities and enabling historical presence and proximity records of staff. Security can be further enhanced by placing additional controls over credentials based on the time of day, date, geographic location, as well as 2FA using a local biometric or PIN.

Netronix is your trusted systems integration partner and is here to help you make the migration to touchless identity solutions. Call on us today.