Setting up Security at a New Location

Setting up shop at a new address means much more than simply moving furniture. Putting a new security system in place is of paramount importance, and along with a new street address comes new security concerns to consider. Different locations can present different challenges, and they must be approached with a fresh perspective. A trusted security integration partner can take you through the process to provide the solutions needed to properly secure the new site.

The first step is performing a site assessment to identify all potential risks and vulnerabilities. A layered approach is optimum, and works from the outside in, beginning with a solid perimeter detection system. While traditional fences help deter intruders, a fiber optic intrusion detection system can be an even more powerful deterrent. They can detect and send an alarm when an intruder attempts to climb or cut the perimeter fence. Outdoor surveillance is also a key component in perimeter detection. LED Infra-Red (IR) perimeter security lighting can help facilitate high-quality video in low-light situations and can be used with pan-tilt-zoom thermal video cameras that are ideal for wide-range outdoor coverage. These solutions provide what’s called DORI resolution capabilities – which are detection, observation, recognition, and identification – not only outdoors but also at doors and windows where interior entry may be possible.

Implementing trusted access control measures is critically important, especially at sensitive exterior and interior areas. While every facility has its own unique characteristics and require varying access solutions, there are several technology trends that are redefining access control.  There’s a strong shift, for instance, toward smartphone Bluetooth-enabled technology that gives users touchless access through secured doors, turnstiles or elevators. This eliminates the need to carry or swipe an access card – the mobile phone communicates with the access reader to authenticate the user’s identity and grant access. Mobile access is convenient access and does away with the costs of managing and replacing cards or fobs credentials. Wireless technology solutions are also growing in popularity – keyless entry and wireless door locks facilitate the locking and unlocking of doors without the need for electrical wiring.

Implementing a visitor management system (VMS) is also a key consideration in securing a new location. They give the end user a way to better track who is coming and going from their premises and control who is granted access based on their credentials. A VMS uses a computer network to monitor and record visitor information, and checks identities against a database of enrolled, authorized users. A blacklist can also be created to flag those visitors who are not permitted on the premises.

Your security integration partner should also recommend installing intercoms at all doors and stairwells, and consider placing emergency call stations at parking lots and garages to facilitate mass notifications in the event of an emergency. Another important consideration is taking care to ensure the location’s security operations room has ample space and rugged furniture that can withstand 24×7 use and is ergonomically friendly. Most console manufacturers will work with your security provider to lay out the room and provide recommended designs.

Moving to a new location is an exciting time for any organization. Ensuring that it is adequately secured provides the peace of mind users need to thrive in their new facility.