The Benefits of Implementing Touchless Access Control in Data Centers

While security is a key concern for facilities of all kinds, perhaps one of the most vulnerable to a security breach are data centers. These dedicated spaces are used to house IT infrastructure, comprised of network computers and storage used to organize, process, and store large amounts of data, very sensitive data that needs to be protected against attack. Enterprises that have suffered a data breach have paid a steep financial price, not to mention what it costs to their reputation.

To protect themselves against these damaging cyber threats, data center security – the physical practices and virtual technologies used to protect a data center from external threats and attacks – is top of mind for these facilities. Data centers absolutely require protection from both physical and digital breaches. We at Netronix recognize that modern-day risks demand multiple layers of security. Physical access to the data center location and specific areas within the location demand multi-level vulnerability protection and Netronix employs a multi-level approach to securing data centers from the curb to the core.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also ushered in a need for a relatively new access control application – touchless access. These touchless solutions can be particularly helpful to data centers, which is why we have partnered with Alcatraz AI, a leading technology supplier dedicated to improving physical security with a frictionless, touchless experience.

The Alcatraz AI Rock is designed to offer enterprise-grade touchless access control in dual-factor mode for data centers, helping physical security compliance. Key benefits of The Rock hardware include frictionless access control to reduce touch points and its ability to detect if people entering are wearing facial masks. It also mitigates risk, reducing the need and expense for security officers.

Secure 3D facial authentication is facilitated for any kind of data center environment. For example, the 1FA solution is well suited for environments that allow a completely frictionless face-only access control experience. Users are passively authenticated as they go through spaces. And the 2FA is for environments that require more security without increased friction, so it offers both dual factor face & badge mode, and users are authenticated based on the specific security needs of entry points.

Perhaps of the greatest value to data centers is The Rock’s ability to detect and prevent tailgating at entrances. Letting the wrong people in on the coattails of authorized people can be a sure fire recipe for data theft. In fact, tailgating is one of the most common and unintended security breaches – an employee opening a door and holding it open, sometimes inadvertently, for a colleague, visitor, or vendor who should not have access. This innocent oversight can leave a data center vulnerable to an undocumented and unauthorized entry.

The Alcatraz AI Artificial Intelligence Rock solution puts the brakes on tailgating by identifying, in real-time, an individual as they approach an entrance. It identifies whether that individual has, in fact, been authenticated. If an unauthorized user follows an authenticated user through a door, The Rock will identify and flag that user as a tailgater, and send an alert that’s logged into the access control system, along with a still picture of the unauthorized person.

Physical security is Priority 1 for data centers, and our team at Netronix is experienced in matching the particular security vulnerabilities of data centers to the security solution we specify. We are committed to ensuring complete risk protection to each of our customers, and are the integrator of choice that so many data centers have come to count on to safeguard their high-risk facilities.


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