How Touchless Access Control and Artificial Intelligence Are Modernizing Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for touchless access solutions. Many organizations, in an effort to reduce human-to-human contact and prevent the spread of the virus, are implementing touchless applications to their access control systems.

Together with one of our leading innovative technology partners, Alcatraz, we at Netronix are outfitting users with a highly reliable touchless authentication solution. Aptly named “the Rock”, this touchless hardware product leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to modernize access control and physical security technology.

Customers are reaping the benefits of The Rock, which are many. Praised for its ease of use, The Rock offers the easiest end-to-end biometrics deployed in access control – it works seamlessly with any badge reader and access control environment! And, it complements, modernizes and extends a user’s existing access system investment. Beyond that, it’s also flexible and extensible, allowing users to plan and scale into the future. It also inspires trust and confidence because the technology it employs provides privacy and compliance and enforces the “Zero Trust” philosophy. And from an aesthetic standpoint, this hardware unit, while it delivers tough functionality, it comes in a sleek, low-profile design that blends unnoticeably into any environment.


Alcatraz has leveraged many advanced technologies to deliver this highly reliable touchless authentication solution known as “The Rock”. The Rock employs multi-sensor technology. Thanks to 2D and 3D sensors to capture data, it delivers amazing accuracy and enables effortless user interaction. It is PoE powered, meaning it’s powered over the network cable that’s connected to any PoE+ network switch or injector. Separate Wiegand/OSDP output & input connections allow for independent communications with access control systems and third party badge readers. Equipped with smart, tamper detection technology, The Rock will deliver a real-time alert in the event it’s been removed from the wall it’s been placed on. It also comes complete with an intuitive user interface – an LED ring and OLED display provide users with easy to understand feedback that works seamlessly with connected devices.

To give users even more peace of mind in this COVID era that requires touchless compliance, The Rock features highly intelligent security software using the Alcatraz platform that incorporates three industry-leading software solutions. And the enrollment process is a streamlined one. Artificial Intelligence builds user profiles based on only a few device interactions, making the enrollment process painless, quick and easy for both administrators and authorized users. And, although the enrollment process is painless, it’s highly secure because it requires multi-factor authentication. 3D facial mapping and deep neural networks authenticate and credential users in real-time, resulting in a coveted touchless access experience.


As is the case with any access control solution, tailgating is always an issue for users. Will other people piggyback on someone else’s credential to gain access?

To ensure this can’t happen, The Rock offers tailgating intelligence via long scanning range and large field of view allows to effectively detect and prevent tailgating. This capability also offers cost savings, because The Rock provides auto-tagging and actionable, real-time notifications o enable administrators to mitigate these issues without guards or additional hardware.

To aid in COVID compliance, this Alcatraz solution can also control access separate and apart from facial authentication because it can check whether an employee is wearing a mask as they are badging in. A badge number will only continue to be sent if mask wearing has been verified, further reducing the need the need for guards to enforce COID compliance.

You can count on Netronix to provide all the technical assistance you’ve come to count on – we support this Alcatraz platform with customizable hosting options that support any organization’s needs! For those who use a Cloud solution, we can configure devices to securely “phone home” to the Alcatraz cloud without gateways or extra hardware for quick, easy installation. Our system creates and stores profiles “on the edge” (in the device) and backs them up to the Alcatraz Cloud, taking the burden of profile management off your shoulders. For those customers using an on-premise solution, we can configure your devices to securely “phone home” allowing your organization to deploy and manage the Alcatraz Rock solution within your own IT infrastructure. The system creates and stores profiles “on the edge” (in the device) and backs them up to your local server, giving you full control of all device and profile data.

Privacy is ensured, as the Alcatraz solution Netronix deploys encrypts biometric data as a proprietary template and stores it only for the purposes of facial authentication. The process is fully compliant with the Information Privacy law as well as GDPR. The system is tamper-proof and always backs up in real-time.

In this COVID times, as always, you can trust Netronix to specify and implement the touchless solutions you need to stay safe, compliant and secure. Call on us today to learn more about how we can modernize your access control security.