Security Innovations: Wireless, Real-Time Access Control Solutions

Wireless technology seems to be taking over – from our mobile phones to pretty much every area of communications. And, when it comes to access control, wireless ranks as one of the fastest growing segments. With good reason.

Wireless access offers a simple and inexpensive way to extend access control deeper into a facility and to more applications. Wireless also enhances the control customers have over their facilities. While it offers many of the same capabilities as wired access control solutions, wireless also delivers increased functionality including remote lockdown and scheduling.

Netronix partners with a leading technology provider to deliver an optimum wireless access control solution. It is designed for applications that need high level real-time access control. This wireless solution can be used as an independent system or as a complement to Virtual Network and hardwired IP solutions. With a single click of a mouse, you can configure or make changes to the network in real-time. You can also download audit trail information for real-time control, delete users remotely and securely, collect battery status for maintenance and much more, all from a single PC and all in real-time.

This wireless solution that we at Netronix can equip you with provides the flexibility for an access control system to grow from a small number of doors and users to a large number of doors and users as your needs dictate. It allows stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via an encrypted and secure data-on-card system that utilizes the capabilities of RFID read/write technology. All access data is stored on and distributed by its operating smartcard. When presenting a smartcard to an offline stand-alone door, not only does this control access rights to that door but thanks to two-way communication, the door also writes data such as blacklist information or battery status back to the smartcard. The smartcard then transmits this information back to the server via online wall readers that are able to update and receive information from the cards anytime and anywhere in the building.

Wireless access means there’s no need for electromagnetic locks or cutting and drilling patch fittings. Instead, it’s aesthetically unobtrusive while providing the added security of dual-factor authentication and fully encrypted wireless communication to the host access control system.

In addition, smartphones can be integrated conveniently into access control solutions as a credential to open doors using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for communicating between the smartphone and electronic locks. Users can receive digital keys anytime, anywhere, and simply present the smartphone to the lock and start communication via the Mobile app. All data transmission and the digital key itself are encrypted and secured against cloning, making the credential both secure and convenient.

Wireless access offers increased mobile capabilities while still delivering all the same functionality and benefits you’ve come to count on with wired access control. As a forward-thinking security integrator, Netronix is embracing wireless, real-time access control technology because it allows us to deliver secure access solutions deeper into your facility with increased convenience and flexibility.