Five Access Control Solutions for a Safe Return to School

Now that we’re a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is trying to navigate back to a new sense of normal. Increasingly more businesses and schools are reopening, and ensuring a safe return is top of mind for all.

The security industry has responded swiftly to the call for solutions that help prevent the spread of the virus. From touchless physical access control offerings to video analytics software, we’re all benefitting from the innovative solutions coming to market to help mitigate the risk of infection.

As your trusted security solutions integration partner, Netronix has stayed on the cutting edge of these offerings to help ensure a safe reopening of your facilities. We are assisting clients across many market sectors in their reopening phases, and here we take a deep dive into some of the solutions specifically suited to safely reopen our schools and welcoming students back into their classrooms.

We partner with leading-edge manufacturers and software providers and are equipped to provide our education sector clients with the protections they need to function in this COVID-era environment.

Our solutions will allow school administrators and security staffs to easily differentiate who is given authorized access to various areas within their schools and campuses. It’s critically important, especially for contact tracing purposes, to manage and be aware of who is accessing a space, and when. These can span classrooms, lecture halls, labs, libraries, cafeterias and dining halls, cultural facilities, common areas, residence halls, teacher’s lounges, offices, and more.

Capabilities we can empower you with also include the ability to distinguish who is accessing an area and when but also a means of tracking how long they occupied that area for. And, in these times of COVID, visitor management is increasingly more important. Our access control solutions enable you to easily manage, and control, the flow of staff and students, short-term guests and visitors, as well as contract and temporary workers.

And, with the growing sophistication and security of mobile technology, we can equip you with touchless credentialing for added safety and prevention of germs. We can integrate your access control system with other campus amenities and services. A user’s single access credential can be used to work with cashless vending machines, for example, as well as with canteens, school stores, library systems, and transportation vehicles.

The flexibility of our systems even allow for an easy changeover of access plans to facilitate individualized programming to grant a user authorized access to special events such as conferences, sporting and cultural events. This translates into added convenience for your students and staff without compromising the level of safety and security you need to ensure smooth operations at all times.

In the event that an emergency situation arises within your school or campus, you can rest assured that our solutions will come to the rescue. They include a local lockdown feature that allows your authorized personnel to immediately put our electronic locks into stand-alone lockdown mode.

Adjusting to the sudden, unanticipated security requirements that have been a byproduct of the pandemic has been challenging for everyone. You can entrust your security needs with Netronix – we are committed to providing you with the solutions you need to meet those challenges now and into the future.