We Make Cloud-based Video Surveillance Simple

Delivering state-of-the-art, trusted security solutions is what drives Netronix each and every day. Our “client comes first” mantra is at the core of everything we do, and staying on top of the best-in-breed technologies and trends is part of our commitment to all of our clients.

There’s been an ongoing shift within the industry toward installing newer systems that utilize open standards to communicate. Netronix is a strong proponent of open platform security systems, and there are many good reasons for this.

In traditional, proprietary security systems, the hardware and software components are from a single manufacturer and designed specifically, and exclusively, for one another. Open platform systems are far more flexible because they’re interoperable, allowing us to specify the best possible solutions for you, from access control to video surveillance and more, from varying manufacturers. This not only proves more powerful but also more affordable. It also ensures that the selected solution encompass all the needed feature sets to secure each client’s specific facility and pain points.

Future upgrades are much simpler, and can be done without the need to replace the system itself. Many organizations look to upgrade or replace their surveillance systems, and are looking increasingly more for a flexible pathway to the Cloud for their security and business operations.

Together with our open platform technology partners, Netronix seamlessly delivers central management of what used to be your disparate systems, even across multiple dispersed sites.

The cloud-based, open platform solutions we offer provide a powerful solution for organizations looking to centralize their dispersed video surveillance operations. It’s a flexible solution with features such as compatibility between sites, low video latency, data encryption, redundancy, streamlined maintenance with automatic updates, and easy onboarding. Together with our technology partners, we can equip you with a unified solution that provides an on-demand, flexible deployment and high security in a cloud service model.

Continuous updates are done automatically with little to no downtime, and our open platforms also afford you the flexibility to scale as your business grows. They also allow you to choose the IP cameras your passionate about without the need to rip-and-replace existing hardware. With our open, interoperable platforms, we can add new technologies and features as your requirements change, and typically at a much lower cost than proprietary systems.

With our open platform, Cloud-based video surveillance solutions, you can monitor events in real time via video footage across your organization. Our hybrid cloud video security cameras will also afford you the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics that not only enhance your security but also deliver to you valuable intelligence you can leverage to improve operational efficiencies.

We at Netronix are here to help you make the shift to an open platform security solution and all the new benefits it can bring to your enterprise. Call on us today!