Business Migration Trends and Security


2020 sure brought with it a lot of unexpected changes to life as we know it. COVID-19 pervaded practically every part of our lives and will forever be the legacy that 2020 will be remembered for. But the pandemic also paved the way for other defining events throughout the year. While the health crisis unleashed and the tragic loss of so many lives was the harshest byproduct of the pandemic, it also set the stage for other life-altering circumstances. Ramifications from record unemployment and the shutdown of so many businesses will linger well into the future. The loss of profitability in so many urban areas, New York and California, in particular, coupled with civil unrest and rioting, have catalyzed many to flee from these areas and relocate to more affordable and less dense parts of the country.

According to a recent report on CBSN Los Angeles, “The pandemic is not just forcing people to reevaluate finances but reconsider living situations, and as a result, business at local moving companies is surging. Many people are moving from California to nearby states, including Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and in some cases Oregon and Washington,” according to Jordan Levine, a Senior Economist with the California Association of Realtors. “Businesses are also making the leap to change their headquarters, including Santa Monica-based test prep company Test Max. Soon, it will relocate to Tempe, Arizona.”

Mobility is certainly on the rise, as businesses are migrating to other areas of the country at record pace. We at Netronix understand that setting up operations in a new location comes complete with its own set of difficult challenges. But setting up a trusted, resilient physical security system doesn’t have to be difficult. Just as we’ve served our valued clients in California, where Netronix is headquartered, our skilled technical professionals in our Austin and Dallas offices are here to help those who’ve relocated to Texas. Whether you need to implement a simple, standalone security system or a fully integrated security network, Netronix is your one-stop resource to meet all of your needs. We offer a broad scope of services spanning Security Integration, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Intercom/Communication Systems, Operations Center Design & Installation and post installation service and support.

Netronix has been the trusted security systems integration company of choice for our clients since 2007. We are experts in designing and implementing ideal solutions for clients across many industries. These include Education, Healthcare, Multi-Housing, Utilities Energy, as well as Airports and Data Centers. We partner with best-in-breed manufacturers to specify cutting edge products and technologies for our clients.

2020 has certainly been a year of years. If you’ve recently relocated to Texas, we welcome you to the neighborhood and welcome the opportunity to serve your enterprise’s security needs.

Here’s to a brighter and safe 2021!

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