Smart Solutions Make for Smarter Campuses


Netronix works with many schools and universities to secure their campuses. Many are migrating from mechanical keys to wireless key entry and access control solutions. And with good reason. ‘Smart locks’ can be controlled and operated by smartphones, and they integrate easily with other smart devices. And, a wireless access control system can allow a campus to achieve wired solution functionality at a lower cost. With budgets a “key” concern for many of today’s college campuses, it’s welcome news that wireless access control systems deliver the same benefits as wired ones without the cost of hardwired systems. And there’s more good news – they require much less time installation time than traditional hard-wired locks.

Netronix is experienced at providing access control platforms that combine electronic door components, software and peripherals to deliver a custom-made wireless networked access control solution. Together with our manufacturer partners, Netronix’ wireless lock solutions enable campuses to provide a safe and convenient environment for pupils, students and staff. They offer many benefits, including the ability to easily differentiate who has access and when to different areas of the campus, such as offices, residence halls, laboratories, libraries, athletic and cultural facilities, common areas, and more. In this technological age, students love being able to carry one card that takes care of managing their money, their meal plan, and access to their dorms.

Our Education sector clients are finding wireless locks a perfect solution throughout their campuses, especially for residence halls. They provide control over who can and can’t access certain dorm rooms without the high costs associated with the wiring of traditional electronic locks. And since these locks are completely integrated, changes to room assignments can be made directly from an ERP system or third-party housing module.

Access time limits can also be set, making it easier for campus security staff to manage access for short-term guests, contract and temporary workers. Another attractive perk is that access control can be integrated with other campus services such as cashless vending, laundry rooms, library systems, on campus-transportation and the like all using just one credential. And, for enhanced security purposes in emergency situations, some solutions include a local lockdown feature that allows authorized users to put their electronic locks into stand-alone lockdown mode. In addition, with intelligent WiFi locks, access rights are stored in the lock itself, protecting it from a network or power failure and eliminating the need for access control panels.

College and universities that upgrade to a wireless lock system find it a more simplified way to provide access for students and staff, while it also introduces a higher level of security and accountability to their campuses. In addition to the time and cost savings wireless locks facilitate, they also allow administrators to better monitor and manage access, and provide audit trails and accountability in the case of an incident. Implementing interior and exterior wireless locks on campuses can result in heightened security, greater convenience, and actually make for an increased number of on-campus, student residents.

Netronix is very proud to serve the Education sector and provide the cutting-edge security solutions that their facilities require.

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