Netronix Delivers Custom Security Solutions – From Start to Finish

As a full service security solutions provider, Netronix does much more than simply install equipment. We are your one-stop-source for comprehensive end-to-end solutions specifically suited to your particular enterprise.

To determine the best possible security measures to protect your premises, we first begin by conducting a security risk assessment to identify and assess vulnerabilities. We carefully consider the size and physical layout of your organization and the assets your protecting to identify risks and specify the optimum solutions and processes to mitigate them.

Because Netronix is a committed partner to each and every one of our clients, we encourage them to have a risk assessment conducted every year to ensure they’re staying ahead of potential new threats.

Another important part of our process is value engineering, which is a systematic, organized approach to providing clients with the most optimum solutions at the lowest cost. Value engineering gives us the insights we need to substitute higher priced materials and methods with more affordable alternatives that don’t sacrifice functionality. Part of our value engineering process is reviewing new or existing equipment during the design phase to decrease client costs without impacting the quality of the products and solutions specified.

After the risks and objectives have been established, the Netronix team designs a unified security solution. We work with leading manufacturers so our product selections can be assembled into a custom design specific to the solutions needed. Because we have attained a deep understanding of the client’s operational requirements and objectives, we can integrate the optimum security solution and connect the various systems into one smart solution.

Access control readers, for instance, can be integrated with video surveillance cameras to provide a verifiable record, or audit trail, of everyone who has accessed specific areas. An integrated system allows live video feeds to automatically alert security personnel when a credential is presented at a door. This is also beneficial when an investigation is performed. The access control system can index specific video clips, streamlining the review of video related to access requests.

Video surveillance and access control systems are just part of Netronix’ overall portfolio of security solutions. We are also expert in implementing intrusion detection solutions. These systems can send open door alerts to a remote monitoring center which then notifies the local authorities or company officials about a possible breach in perimeter security. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) can be put in place at facilities of all sizes.

We are also pleased to be able to offer our clients intercom and communication systems. They enable clear voice communication for improved visitor management. Whether used to grant a visitor access, or to allow someone in jeopardy to request an immediate security response, voice communication capabilities are quickly becoming a pivotal part of integrated security and safety systems.

Our commitment to quality does not end when an installation is completed. As a trusted and true security integration partner, Netronix stays at the ready to provide clients with ongoing support and regular system maintenance. We value each and every client relationship and work every day to deliver the very best solutions and service.

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