Netronix Can Implement Temperature Screening Systems that Integrate Easily into Your Existing Workflows

Facilities of all kinds – critical infrastructures, workplaces, schools, retail spaces, gyms, and more – are all being mandated to implement new safety measures they never needed to adhere to before the COVID-19 pandemic. Daily temperature checks are among those requirements. Anyone entering these facilities are, in most states, now required to pass a temperature screening test before being granted access to help stop the spread of the virus.

Many business owners and facility directors are hard pressed to determine the best possible solution, logistically, for their location. While safety is priority #1, maintaining a steady, unhampered flow of entry and operational efficiency is also a huge priority.

Thankfully, implementing a temperature screening solution that complies with CDC guidelines and mandates but that also allows for a seamless flow of entry is not a problem given the innovative solutions that Netronix can offer. The temperature scanning technologies that we can implement at your site allow for both.

We are at the ready to provide you with the temperature scanning solutions that integrate easily with your existing security systems and also facilitate a smooth and safe flow of entry for people coming onto your site, keeping your occupants safe and keeping you in compliance with COVID-19 guidelines.

The solutions we can bring to your site address the key concerns you need to adhere to. Thermal cameras are equipped to take temperature readings of all who enter your facility. When coupled with your existing traditional camera images that identify the people entering, our temperature scanning capabilities can provide side-by-side views of both your thermal and traditional camera images so you can ascertain who should be granted access based on passing temperature screening.

Other benefits of the temperature screening solution Netronix can provide include a Red light – Green light alert that easily identifies a person’s body temperature and renders a decision as to whether or not they’ve passed the temperature screening. A red light alert indicates an elevated temperature and failed temperature screening test, and the green light alert notifies of a passed temperature screening. Our solution also provides for an audible alert – an alarm that goes off to signal a failed temperature screening. Email and text notifications are also included in our solution so your team can receive internal and text message notifications in real time when an individual fails a temperature check screening so you can take the necessary compliance actions. Additionally, the facial detection software we can install at your site detects faces quickly, translating into an efficient temperature scan and less time waiting in line for customers or employees. It tracks everyone’s identity within your organization impeccably to increase safety and security.

Other benefits of our temperature screening solutions include providing a printed badge to every individual scanned. For example, once scanned at the screening kiosk, individuals will receive a printed ticket that contains their picture, temperature, and status of whether they passed or failed the temperature screening test, ensuring safety and compliance.

The COVID-19 era has ushered in unprecedented security protocols. We at Netronix, as your trusted security integration partner, are here to help you stay in compliance and keep your facility – and all who enter it – safe and secure. Please call on us to help you get through these difficult times as simply and affordably as possible.

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