Temperature Screening is at a Feverish Pitch

Schools, businesses, retail outlets, nail and hair salons and so many other facilities have entered into the re-opening phase and, boy, do things sure look different since they all went into lockdown mode.

Along with so many other new “rules” that COVID-19 has dictated, such as the wearing of facial masks and adhering to social distancing parameters, temperature screening also ranks high on the list of requirements facilities must comply with to help ensure a safe reopening.

Checking the body temperature of each and every person before letting them in is a foreign concept to pretty much every facility there is. So, the thought of implementing a temperature screening solution can seem pretty daunting – and yet another expense piled on to the already devastating economic impacts of this COVID-19 pandemic.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

As your Security and Life Safety integration partner, we at Netronix view it more as an added layer of access control to help ensure the safe operation of your facility and those who enter it.

We’ve got you covered.

We are at the ready to install and implement a seamless solution to screen people’s temperatures as they enter your facility. And, it doesn’t involve long lines or intrusive measures.

There’s no need for a manual system for temperature taking by an employee using a hand-held device. A specialized thermal camera with calibrator technology can be installed and integrated into an aesthetically designed structure that fits unobtrusively into your building lobby or check-in space. A secondary screening station can serve as a private space for anyone needing a further checkup.

Together with the technology of our vendor partners, Netronix can equip you with a solution that performs a rapid succession temperature checks, supports physical distancing with digital signage, and is easy to implement with no construction needed.

In addition to the calibrated thermal camera, this temperature screening solution features an all-in-one PC for the monitoring station that sends a notification alarm when an elevated temperature is detected. It also provides metrics on the number of people tested, re-tested and turned away, which is vitally important for recordkeeping and compliance.

COVID-19 has indisputably disrupted almost every aspect of life. But as your trusted security systems integration partner, Netronix is here to help get things back on track on the road to reopening. Call on us to support you through these most challenging times, keep you in compliance, and provide the solutions you need to keep your facility and all who enter it safe and secure.

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