Make Your Space a Safe Place to Visit

Visitor management has been a task that’s fallen to Security and Facility Directors for years now. Controlling who can access a space, and when, has long been a critical component of any security plan, as it’s an integral part of protecting people and property. But the complexion of potential threats has changed in scope. Facilities are now also charged with protecting the health of all those who enter them, as this COVID-19 era has dictated a whole new set of safety and security concerns to contend with. Temperature screening for possible infection and compliance with social distancing guidelines need to be taken seriously.

We at Netronix do take it seriously and are equipped to help facilities adopt the new policies and procedures that stopping the spread of COVID-19 demand. Together with our trusted vendor partners, we can provide you with the technology solutions you need to properly screen visitors and quickly assess if they should be granted access to your facility. Or not.

This all starts from the point of entry, and putting in place effective front lobby processes in order to protect from physical and biological threats. The Virus Risk Assessment solutions we can provide you with can integrate your facility’s existing visitor management system with other enterprise systems such as access control, email and calendaring systems. For example, visitors are pre-screened prior to coming to the facility and emailed a questionnaire asking if they’re currently running a fever or exhibiting flu-like symptoms; if they’ve travelled to locations that are listed as “restricted” due to a high number of COVID-10 cases; and, if they’ve been in close contact with anyone else who has been in those locations. The results of this pre-registration risk assessment procedure enable your organization to approve or deny their onsite access based on risk.

Our solutions go far beyond this initial visitor assessment. Linking the visitor management system with access control technologies to lobby areas enables the movement of all those entering and inside the facility to be tracked, visualized and reported on for required record keeping. Integrating visitor management capabilities with access control translates into a lot of attractive benefits to Facility Managers. It mitigates risk while also delivering significant cost savings. It also allows them to easily configure these self-assessment questionnaires and update their content to conform to the most recent health guidelines that must be complied with to assess risk; Enforce additional security controls to automatically restrict how much access to your facility that any given visitor can have; Exclude visitors from restricted areas without the added need and expense of escorting them in after the fact of pre-screening; Enforce social distancing and meet new modified occupancy limits; and, easily integrate information gleaned from the technology and its Artificial Intelligence capabilities so that Operations teams can assess and provide required Managed Reporting.

Our solutions can track the number – and health status – of visitors attempting to access their facility and can stop the issuance of badges to allow access if their risks are high and/or allowed occupancy of the facility has been reached.  Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment capabilities are exactly what facilities of all types need to protect the health and safety of their staffs and ensure that visitor access is monitored, controlled and in compliance with the guidelines they must adhere to in this COVID-19 era.

Call on Netronix for all your Visitor Management and security needs. The saying rings true because we’re here for you: We will all get through this, TOGETHER. We at Netronix stand at the ready to secure your workplace and protect your people.