Harness the Power of AI-Powered Video Analysis to Reduce False Alarms

The “False Alarm” issue is one that’s plagued the Security industry for years. Decades, actually. Access control doors have been a huge culprit, often triggering alarms that are not real or viable. The associated costs and inconvenience have discouraged many users, but there is good news! Video analysis capabilities that are powered by Artificial Intelligence are saving users scads of money, not to mention lost time apologizing, often financially, for a high incidence of false alarms.

The Deep Learning capabilities inherent to Artificial Intelligence technologies are ushering in a whole new False-Alarm-Free era. AI is benefiting businesses because it is proactive, integrated into video solutions, and platform-based. New solutions are hitting the market that provide much needed machine intelligence for video footage.

We at Netronix are committed to meeting all the security needs of our clients, and are staying on the cutting edge of AI-powered video analysis capabilities to help them reduce their incidents of false alarms. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers that introduce technologies to determine the contents of video footage automatically by applying deep learning capabilities. These technologies can process video and then provide captions to define it contents, ranging from giving a broad context about what’s taking place in a stream of video footage to captioning specific actions.

Simply stated, all of that Video Analytics information is coming out of one algorithm, which means specific captions can benefit from the broader context, and vice versa. These computer algorithms can provide a greater understanding of what’s happening in locations that are being monitored by video cameras. Video analytics are fast quickly becoming standard in surveillance cameras, devices and solutions, and have evolved enough to offer more practical and reliable functionality than ever before.

In fact, recent developments in video analytics are giving security managers new ways to leverage surveillance technology that goes far beyond traditional security, qualifying it as a viable and invaluable advantage for gleaning business intelligence. Emerging technologies can actually analyze video files, allowing them to work faster and better than other systems. Capabilities include Facial Recognition; Heat Mapping, which measures and rates motion in an image and recolors that image to reflect the intensity of motion in an area; People counting, a capability that counts the number of people entering or exiting a specified area; Occupancy estimation that can determine how many people on average are onsite at different times of day; and, Intrusion detection, which virtually serves as a fence that can alert security personnel when intruders are trying to access a perimeter.

Video analytics continue to progress as a powerful surveillance tool to detect and mitigate potential threats – most often before events occur, eliminating false alarms and allowing adopters to best leverage the benefits of their video surveillance capabilities, confirm real-time incidents and better protect their facilities.

You can count on Netronix to stay on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence capabilities powered by video analysis to improve your business operations and significantly reduce the incidents of false alarms.

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