Adjusting to the NEW Normal – Enforcing Physical Distancing

If you asked people just a few short months ago what the term “Social Distancing” meant, most wouldn’t have had a clue. But now that seems like a million years ago B.C. – BEFORE COVID. Social Distancing, or physical distancing as it’s also called, has taken its place as one of the greatest defenses against the spread of the coronavirus. Simply stated, Social Distancing is a term used to describe staying away from people and the microbial residue that people leave behind when touching objects.

Health and government officials have instructed all of the public to practice Social Distancing in order to slow down and hopefully stop the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. This is having a huge impact on the way facilities of all kinds have to now operate. Enforcing physical distancing isn’t always easy. Building designs and layouts often have to be altered and adjusted in order to comply. Access control systems often have to be put in place, as well, to control and ensure a safe flow of people entering a facility at any given time. Compliance can seem overwhelming to facility managers who’ve never had to contend with the restrictions that have been imposed in response to this “new normal.”

We at Netronix are here to help. Together with the cutting-edge technologies of our trusted vendor partners, we can provide the solutions needed to effectively enforce physical distancing in your facility.

Video analytics are proving a strong weapon in the fight against COVD-19. A solid video analytics platform leverages your video surveillance system by making video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. Real-time alerting capabilities can enable your organization to proactively respond to situational changes in your environment, including when physical distancing is not being observed.

The video analytics solutions we can implement allow for Proximity Identification for effective contact tracing and enforcement of Social Distancing. They offer the ability to forensically review video to identify individuals who were in proximity to another individual for a determined duration of time, and to combine with face recognition and appearance similarity capabilities to determine if a person has been in contact with COVID-19 infected individuals. This enables users to quantify the proximity of people across time and location, compare across days and correlate with external data sources to ensure compliance with social distancing mandates.

They also work as an Occupancy Controller – you can maintain building occupancy requirements by setting rules to count people as they enter and exit a premises across multiple cameras and entry and exit points. When maximum capacity has been reached, an alert can be sent to access control points, security staff, or any other destination. And, business intelligence dashboards also allow you to prove compliance.

Now more than ever, when physical distancing is so critically important, Netronix is proud to be able to provide you the tools you need to help you safely reopen your facility, protect your staff and visitors, and responsibly enforce physical distancing.