How to Choose the right Thermal Camera for Temperature Screening

As companies across the country prepare to reopen following the COVID-19 lockdown, they’re tasked with putting measures in place to meet new and stringent health & safety guidelines.

The CDC released specific guidelines in May outlining what a return to office buildings should look like. These included temperature checks, mandatory wearing of masks, desks that are adequately distanced and the closing off of common areas. Although Federal law prohibits employers from asking about employee health or undergoing a medical test unless it’s related to job and business necessity, COVID-19 has changed all that. Employers are now allowed to perform temperature screenings and check for symptoms of the Coronavirus. They also now have the right to deny workers who have symptoms entry to the premises.

Thermal cameras are providing a trusted means of temperature screenings and are now in demand at an unprecedented level. There are many on the market to choose from. We at Netronix are here to help and can provide you with a comprehensive thermal camera screening consultation. There’s a lot of technical criteria to consider when choosing a thermal camera, and our expertise can help guide you in selecting just the right one for your particular facility. The Netronix Engineering Team has spent over 100 hours developing a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to help you evaluate and choose the best thermal solution on the market.

Here’s a look at just some of the points to consider.

Recommended Operational Distance

It’s important to keep in mind where the intended location for the thermal camera will be. Take into account where what the point of entry is and your own specific distancing considerations. Different thermal cameras perform based on different operational distances, which can range from 18 inches to 21 feet. Choosing the distance range that’s suited to the layout and logistics of your individual facility is a key consideration.

What’s Most Effective for You – A Mobile or Mounted Solution?

Selections vary by manufacturer, as do mounting options, which can span tripod models, handheld, kiosks, fixed, etc. Again, the layout and logistical concerns specific to your facility will help determine which type of model to select.

Estimated Lead Time

Many organizations are already entering the re-opening phase. How quickly do you need a thermal camera for temperature screening? Camera lead times can vary markedly from manufacturer to manufacturer, with delivery times typically ranging from one to eight weeks.

Cost of Equipment

Budget is a huge determining factor in a purchase such as this. Consider what your budget will allow for and be realistic. Also consider what the cost of not thoroughly screening temperatures could potentially be in terms of liability and reputation. Thermal camera prices vary depending on the manufacturer and typically range from $2K to $50K per unit.

The Netronix team is ready to assist you in selecting the thermal camera that’s right for your individual business needs.

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