Managing Threats to Protect Clients’ Virtual and Physical Assets

Large companies that operate nationally or globally recognize the huge benefits that a Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) can provide. They’re critically important security hubs for large companies because they integrate multiple security technologies to provide a cost-effective and scalable security solution that allows enterprises to monitor and protect people, property and assets.

A GSOC functions in a central location and is equipped for access and video monitoring, as well as allow for the controlling of lighting, alarms, and vehicle barriers that enable authorized staff to supervise the site using data processing technology. Automatic alarms are received and dispatched from the GSOC and video feeds viewed at the GSOC can determine if a security response is required, and what type of personnel and equipment should be provided. A GSOC provides a common operating picture, enabling coordinated responses to incidents and the sharing of business and risk intelligence.

The value of putting a GSOC in place is becoming widely recognized as a necessary means of supporting business goals and operations. It can provide critically needed security enhancements including situational awareness, real-time crisis management and risk mitigation, as well as continuous monitoring capabilities to render decisions regarding the safety of employees and operational continuity in the event of a crisis or security situation. To implement an effective GSOC, Netronix specifies GSOC solutions based on a detailed evaluation of a client’s current security system and security goals. The number of operators, and type and speed of data connections to remote locations in a GSOC must be carefully coordinated to ensure seamless management of the organization’s security operations.

A comprehensive GSOC solution typically involves integrating technologies spanning five critical security components: Communications, Monitoring, Process Management, Data Visualization and Interoperability. Just some of the capabilities a sophisticated GSOC can deliver include radio over IP, 911 monitoring dispatch, global event notification, enhanced internal communications, asset tracking, integrated network security, video monitoring and analytics, access monitoring, emergency alerts, workflow process optimization, geographic and asset management, as well as interactive timelines and data lists. And, in terms of interoperability, technical and operational load sharing failover redundancy in mere minutes.

In these trying times when cyber and physical security assets demand unprecedented protection, Global Security Operations Centers are providing a strong line of defense. That’s because GSOCs facilitate an interoperable environment and serve as the main signal monitoring and integrated access backbone for an enterprise’s global security infrastructure.

The system coordination involved in devising a trusted GSOC solution requires years of training and experience. Netronix has that training and experience needed to deliver the high level of partnership clients need in their security provider.

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