Reap the Health & Safety Benefits of Facility Access Screening Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has pervaded every aspect of life. Suddenly, social distancing and the wearing of face masks, foreign concepts only a few short months ago, have morphed into the new normal. National lockdowns sent all but essential workers home, leaving millions of workplaces that once bustled with productivity empty and dark.

Now, as lockdowns are being somewhat lifted, the country prepares to transition back with a slow and steady re-opening. Organizations are faced with the formidable challenge of providing a safe workplace for their employees to return to.

As we continue to battle this invisible enemy, technology has emerged a strong weapon in the arsenal. It can be applied in a variety of ways to screen people for the Coronavirus before they enter a facility.

A solution that we at Netronix recommend strongly is Access Screening software that can be integrated into a facility’s physical access control system. It automates the process of halting or granting badge access by enforcing required screening upon entrance to facilities.

Access Screening software works in conjunction with configured Screening Readers placed just past the screening checkpoints to monitor these readers for badge swipes. The screening points test for body temperature and if a person hasn’t successfully passed through the health/temperature screening point within the required period of time, their access to the facility will automatically be disabled.

The Access Screening software that Netronix can equip you with doesn’t require special configuration or customization. It integrates seamlessly into all automated temperature measuring kiosks capable of activating an auxiliary output to power the screening reader on a passed screening.

During these difficult times that dictate touchless solutions, Access Screening software used in automated kiosks delivers a completely contactless screening solution to protect your employees, contractors, and visitors. Netronix is at the ready with technology solutions to help you transition back to your facility with sorely needed peace of mind and protection.

A Trusted Partner

Our experienced system design team understands that every organization has unique IT and physical security challenges, especially related to access control. We have the extensive security experience and IT capabilities you’ll need to ensure physical and cyber security compliance.

Netronix evaluates the challenges, performance expectations, environmental conditions, and IT requirements at your facility. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. We perform a site survey, inside and outside, to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once risks and expectations are defined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design.

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