Shedding New Light on Security Camera Images

Sometimes advancements in security camera technology sneak by without a deeper consideration for security operations. While high-resolution (4K UHD and higher), panoramic capabilities with single and multi-imagers, and H.265 compression technologies lead the headlines, it’s worth considering low-light performance. It impacts live monitoring and archived footage for post-incident investigation.

Many attempted breaches, personnel assaults, and thefts occur in dark or low-light areas. Facilities are also encouraged to limit the use of night lighting due to architectural guidelines, light pollution, and energy conservation.

Fortunately, among the handful of important advancements, one of the biggest advantages is low-light performance. Advancements in camera sensor technology have led to a technology often referred to as “starlight” capability.


Cameras with starlight capability can maintain a color image in lower light environments. And with monochromatic (black and white) imaging, these cameras are able to produce images in environments that were previously uninhabitable for cameras.

Information like clothing and vehicle colors can now be part of the data captured for immediate response and investigation.

Better Analytics Results

Additionally, many organizations are leveraging advanced video analytics. Algorithms are more effective and accurate when using a clearer color image.

Total Darkness

Some applications must be designed for no-light environments, Infrared illumination, whether on the camera or via separate illumination devices, can work in no-light environments. Thermal, or heat-sensitive, imaging is another option as well.

Infrared illumination is only effective when the camera has switched from color mode to true night mode. Once in use, the camera will longer produce a color image.

Thermal imaging cameras are ideal for areas where visible, color or monochrome, imaging is also in place. The thermal imaging cameras act as a detector and alert operators to investigate a specific area with a visible camera or ground forces. Through integration, pan-tilt-zoom cameras can automatically focus where the thermal imaging cameras has detected a potential threat.

A Trusted Partner

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