Security Options for the IT Closet

The data equipment rack is a serious vulnerability to your organization. Here we’ll review why it’s a vulnerability and how to mitigate the risk.

The Why

Data racks contain sensitive information and network connectivity devices. Simply unplugging a fiberoptic cable can disrupt organizational operations for hours or days. A disconnected cable may interrupt data flow from one building to another or even out to cloud services provided by third-party vendors.

Unsecured data racks are also vulnerable to data breaches, risking an organizations trustworthiness, customer loyalty, and even employee safety. A loss of data impacts the organization as well as every person whose data was compromised in the breach.

Every organization shares some common concerns, yet unique situations and expectations can further drive the need for rack-level security.

How We Protect at the Rack Level

There’s still a chance to slow or thwart a breach from within the IT closet. First, mount equipment within a secure rack. The rack must be enclosed on all sides and equipped with a lock. The lock may be as simple as a key, but a keyed system provides limited security.

Consider a biometric or credential-activated lock system. Each authorized person will have their own level of access and a user-specific activity log is recorded by the system.

It’s also important to consider that someone without a credential may cause a forced breach. Intrusion detection systems can be used. Place small devices, called contact closures, on the door and side panels of the rack to detect a forced entry. Once detected, a local alarm can sound, and an electronic notification can be sent to authorities for immediate response.

Once in the Rack

When an equipment rack is accessed, it’s important to know who gained access and what was done during that access. Consider placing a small camera inside the rack to capture user identities. This is always important, but more so if a credential is lost or stolen.

Next, capturing the activities of the person in and around the rack is critical. Consider placing cameras within the room that can clearly view and record all activities. 360-dgree panoramic cameras strategically placed within the room or closet may be an appropriate solution. Insider threats are a reality, and video evidence is critical to investigations.

A Trusted Partner

Our experienced system design team understands that every organization has unique IT and physical security challenges. We have the extensive security experience and IT capabilities you’ll need to ensure physical and cyber security compliance.

Netronix evaluates the challenges, performance expectations, environmental conditions, and IT requirements at your facility. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. We perform a site survey, inside and outside, to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once risks and expectations are defined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design.