New, More Advanced Video Analytics Algorithms Offer New Levels of Security for Data Centers

The future of Artificial Intelligence is now. Unprecedented advancements in Video Analytics (VA) algorithms are blazing a trail to delivering an entirely new level of intelligence.

Video analytics, stated simply, is the computerized processing and analysis of video streams. It’s been mainstream for a good while now, and more enterprises are using video analytics software to mine, or extract events from live or recorded video, process the data, and tag it.

New developments in video analytics, however, are offering enterprise security executives new ways to use surveillance technology to deliver auditable and accurate data that goes beyond the bounds of traditional security, providing previously unavailable business intelligence.

For Facility Security Managers tasked with securing their Data Centers, this is especially good news. While initial AI algorithms facilitated such functions as Facial Recognition, People Counting, Occupancy Estimation, Heat Mapping, Tripwire/Intrusion and Movement/Motion Detection, new and even more advanced neural algorithms are equipping Video Analytics with even more intelligent capabilities.

Data centers are becoming increasingly more complex, and the continued expansion of hybrid and multi-cloud environments are creating networks without borders. While the added layers of complexity being designed into modern day data centers are needed, they present some challenges that can be tough to manage. Employing more sophisticated Video Analytics can clearly help.

Controlling access and avoiding breaches remains a critical priority for Data Center Security Directors. The emergence of new, more capable VA technologies can enable them to make more deftly tailored Use Lists of who can – and can’t – gain entry to their centers and various locations within it.

New analytic algorithms can be leveraged to create blacklists to deny access and dismiss those not allowed authorized entry. Conversely, they can be employed and customized to enable seamless entry to those who are authorized. These are just the tip of the iceberg of some of the possibilities more advanced video analytics can afford data centers.

Netronix is a proven leader in designing, installing and implementing access control and video analytics solutions to meet the operational challenged facing data centers. Our deep security expertise and experience coupled with our extensive IT capabilities deliver a comprehensive security solution that ensures physical and cyber security compliance. Contact us today for assistance in employing even more advanced video analytics technologies to further harden security at your data center.

Recent advances in AI and Machine Learning (ML)have been a game changer in VA, especially facial Recognition platforms. The end result in this is better facial recognition with less processing power required and systems that can learn as they go. An example would be to enter a profile picture to a watch list. The VA platform can then extrapolate what the other side of the face would look like and actually create a full image of a face for the comparison to live camera streams.

This new technology actually works more like the human brain that existing algorithms. This means to the users, a VA system that learns as it goes, using:

1. Often times one can use existing video infrastructure (2-3 megapixel cameras)

2. Less bandwidth than existing technology

3. Less processing power (lower server costs)

4. It integrates directly to most existing Video Management Platforms

5. Better performance costing less per camera than existing solutions.