How Intercom Systems Benefit High Tech Data Center Security

High-tech data centers deploy some of the most advanced cyber, physical, and electronic security solutions available. These data centers are often staffed by a small number of employees and maintain a very low occupancy per square foot. Because of this, emergency notification is often overlooked and can even be a challenge.

Message Delivery

It may be impossible to know the location of data center staff in larger facilities, so it’s important to be able to broadcast messages over large areas. When planning for this approach, speaker proximity and ambient noise are top considerations. You’ll also want to consider remote locations and automatic versus manual messaging.


One challenge for voice communication intercom systems is clarity and volume control. Loud environments, like loading docks, need to be addressed differently than a quiet hallway. Likewise, data centers can be rather quiet overall but surprisingly loud near equipment racks. Ambient noise levels are a critical factor for system programming. Intelligent systems automatically adjust for ambient noise and can also adjust volume levels in real-time to accommodate sudden noise changes. If the fire alarm is activated, for example, the volume of voice alerts would be increased.

Automated Notifications

While daily messaging is not typically emergent and can be manually controlled, automated messaging is ideal for emergency situations. A calm, pre-recorded voice can provide direction and articulate safe procedures.

Speakers as Microphones

High-performance intercom systems can have speakers with onboard microphones. Aside from using the microphone to intelligently adjust speaker volume, the microphone can also be used to initiate a conversation.

Integration to Evacuation Systems

Voice systems can be free-standing or part of a unified solution. In a unified system, the intercom may be leveraged to provide additional points of communication. It can also be used as a frequency or decibel sensor to trigger other systems. For example, if a loud crash is heard, the intercom system can trigger video surveillance pull up the closest camera image and send a snapshot to management via email or SMS messaging for evaluation.

A Trusted Partner

Our experienced system design team understands that every organization has unique communication, IT, and physical security challenges. We have the extensive communication and security experience as well as technical IT capabilities you’ll need to ensure physical and cyber security compliance.

Netronix evaluates the challenges, performance expectations, environmental conditions, and IT requirements at your facility. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. We perform a site survey, inside and outside, to uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once risks and expectations are defined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design.