Security at Higher Education Campuses 

College and university security systems are typically installed piece by piece, over many years, and under a variety of leaders and committees. Though every campus is different, there are three things you can expect for every campus:

  • security at higher education campuses can always be improved,
  • it will be used frequently for criminal investigations, and
  • it will be used to protect lives in the event of an active assailant situation.

Multiple Systems

While it would be ideal to have a unified, single platform solution across the entire campus, that may not be possible due to budget, installation timelines, and campus growth over the years.

In a single platform environment, the same systems are deployed across the entire campus, from dormitory buildings, to classroom buildings, to food service areas. A unified, common approach minimizes the use of disparate systems and optimizes security operations.

Multiple platforms may result in slowed operational use, significant integration, and even the implementation of a costly and complicated physical security information management (PSIM) system.

Door Control

Door hardware, operated with an access control system, is ideal for most of the facility. Employees, professors, students, and administrators approach secure doors and obtain access by using a PIN, or their personal credentialed ID card, with a reader next to the door. Wandering visitors are kept out of secure buildings, students can clearly determine where they shouldn’t go, and unsafe or sensitive areas are always secure.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is used regularly, even daily, for criminal investigations. During large-scale incidents, often active assailant events, campus-wide video surveillance can provide responding authorities with critical information about the event in real-time.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems are used for after-hours security and secure a portion, or zone, within an otherwise open building at any time. This is helpful for closed office areas within an otherwise open building. For buildings that maintain specific hours, such as an on-campus bank, intrusion detection can secure the entire building.


Intercom systems at building entrances allow visitors to communicate with security staff or a person inside of a secure door. In parking lots and student walkways, they may function as an emergency call station to report a crime or other emergency. They can also be tied into the emergency notification system and used to repeat emergency messages campus-wide.

Voice Notification

Voice notification is the primary system for disseminating mass communications immediately and across the entire campus. These systems can be manual or automated, depending on the deployed solution, and are programmed to work with the campus emergency response plan.

Central Command and Control

Every campus must have an organized, efficient command center. When properly planned, live video feeds are displayed on large screens while operators control a variety of cameras simultaneously. Additional monitors in the command center provide information about intercom, access control, fire alarm, and other critical systems. Specialized command center furniture is needed to organize and operate multiple monitors and the associated computer hardware.

The Right Partner

Our team understands that colleges and universities may have many challenges that are unique to their campus. From ADA compliant door controls to video surveillance of high-risk areas, we have the extensive campus protection experience required to ensure security and safety compliance.

Netronix begins by evaluating the challenges and performance expectations for your campus. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. Next, we perform a site survey, inside and outside, to evaluate the physical layout of the campus and uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once the risks and expectations are clearly defined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design and demonstrations of key components are performed on-campus.

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