Custom Security Design Solutions

In the past, security solutions were simple to design and install. There were very few components to choose. A video surveillance camera manufacturer may have had a dozen analog cameras in their portfolio. Today, that same manufacturer may have as many as 50 IP cameras. And it’s not limited to security cameras. The same is true for access control credential readers due to the improvements in biometric technology and other advancements.

As technologies advance, options increase, and organizational threats change. A deep understanding of security technology, and it’s unique and customizable applications, is a baseline expectation for security solution providers. Vertical market expertise ensures that the designs are appropriate for organizational needs, as well as those mandated by regulatory authorities, such as the Department of Homeland Security.

Ongoing manufacturer training ensures that systems are installed and maintained properly. The service provider team must be able to leverage all operational capabilities to effectively design and implement a security solution. Integration of disparate systems is a key function, and the team must be able to fluently navigate software development kits and common platforms, like ONVIF, to determine if a system solves operational challenges or creates more problems for the system user.

Custom Solutions

Each application is unique and customized for the user.

Cameras are chosen by environment and function. Lighting, temperature, hazards, and viewable area are just some of the factors that determine the right cameras to deploy. Modern recording solutions are robust, with a significant amount of storage and high reliability.

Access control is no longer limited to exterior doors. All sensitive areas with the building can be properly secured, along with the building itself. After the lights are turned off, the intrusion detection system keeps tabs on doors and windows, sending immediate notifications if someone breaches the building perimeter. Each system must be meticulously outlined, planned, and deployed. This is a fully custom solution for your organization.

The Right Partner

Solution design is a process, not an end game. Netronix begins by evaluating an organization’s unique application and performance expectations. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. Next, we perform a site survey, inside and outside, to evaluate the physical layout of the facility and uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once the risks and expectations are clearly defined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design and demonstrations of key components are performed for the customer.

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