Securing Doors: New Door Control Solutions

Modern access control platforms and integrated door hardware eliminate mechanical keys by combining electronic components, peripherals, and software. They provide customized, often wire-free, and networked access control solutions where everything fits, and everything works.

Migrating Away from Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys present a litany of challenges. The most common challenge is a lost key. Lost keys are a security risk, and key replacement is costly, resource intensive, time-consuming, and even intrusive.

Electronic and wireless systems are reliable, customizable, and expandable. They have greater functionality and performance than the traditional mechanical solutions, and they also come with flexible management systems. Modern systems also function in real-time, so a lost credential can simply be turned off without replacing hardware or inconveniencing users.

Providing a Safe and Convenient Environment

Modern door hardware and access control solutions offer a variety of significant benefits:

  • Differentiate personnel access to places like offices, residences, laboratories, libraries, athletic and cultural facilities, or common areas.
  • Distinguish access not only by physical location but also by duration or schedule.
  • Easily manage access for short-term guests like conference attendees, contract, and temporary workers, or students.
  • Integrate access control with other campus services, such as cashless vending, meal plans, library systems, and transportation.
  • Change access levels in real time to facilitate conferences, presentations, and other major events.
  • Enable lockdown features to allow authorized users to quickly put electronic door locks into stand-alone lockdown mode.

The Right Partner

Security solution design requires years of training and experience. Vertical market expertise ensures maximum facility protection.

Netronix begins the solution design process by evaluating an organization’s unique application and performance expectations. Input is gathered from the security team, facilities staff, IT department, administrators, and other stakeholders. Next, we perform a site survey to evaluate the physical layout of the facility and uncover potential vulnerabilities. Once the risks and expectations are clearly outlined, our team designs a unified security solution. Products from a variety of leading manufacturers are assembled into a custom design. Demonstrations of key components, from cameras to the graphical user interface of a software platform, are performed with the client. Every specialized process is rooted in on our ongoing industry education and technology training.

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